by Asaf Army

May 1, 2010

My name is Asaf Army and MainForm is the name of my company. MainForm specializes in Client and Server applications.

In the last 7 years I’ve been designing and building PC applications from the moment the idea comes to mind untill the application CD is ready.

Why Choose MainForm?

Application making takes hard work and with hard work comes quality and excellence.

Application quality is measured by application stability, OOD combined with design patterns, encapsulated and expandable code, maximum code reuse and minimum integration time.

MainForm guaranties application quality and quality generates easy-to-use applications with lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and faster ROI (Return Of Investment).

MainForm’s applications will always be best suited for the client’s unique needs.

Recent Projects :

The Last projects we’ve been working on this year:

  • 1. MatchBox – A rich client application for a wireless miniature digital camera.

The application has a User Interface which can control the camera functionalities, configure its properties, burn new hardware versions into its hardware components, document its hardware behavior and present a live video stream over TCP/IP. The application also supports MSD recognition.

  • 2. AlarmView – A security client application that controls a digital wireless security system.

The application controls 6 wireless cameras simultaneously. Detecting, initializing and presenting their status and images taken live from the sensors. The application also Handles alarm events as they happen.

  • 3.  Media player – A Client application that controls a device that detects sounds. This application can play and record the audio streams.

Contact Infomation :

Asaf Army

Mobile: +972-52-5783371